Sandwich Fillings, Lunch, Part II

Once you have a decent bread (that means one you like and can digest ) fill it up with easy fillings that are not too stringy ( alas,no corned beef) and not too fatty (goodbye cream cheese and black olives) and waddle down the middle way with deli type meats – the shaved and salty kind with God knows added to the mix. Better yet, make your own.

Sandwich fillings

You can use almost anything in a sandwich filling if you have a food processor, blender, and my favorite, a separate coffee bean grinder that I use for food only for a 1 portion size.

Tuna, mayonnaise in food processor with 2 T sweet relish, although many of you won’t need to go that far.

Cheese with a dollop of tomato sauce or paste. Add some basil too.

Chicken in the food processor with ¼ cup applesauce and celery or sweet relish.
Or add 1 or two Tablespoons BBQ sauce ( some of the original blends have less sugar than today’s blends) to the chopped chicken.
And, well chicken varieties are endless just make sure the chicken is macerated.

All of the above can be made ahead and frozen.

Have a hankering for Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato? Try fresh lettuce,
with 2 slices of cooked, crispy bacon (turkey or pork) pulverized with a T low-fat mayonnaise in your little grinder so it’s as smooth as you can make it). Or you can use some of those vegetarian bacos, soak ’em ’til they’re soft (15-30 minutes) in just a little water (to cover) then puree them with the mayo and spread on sandwich slice of bread, puree ½ fresh tomato with skin removed and some of the soft seeds if they bother you.
Spread on top of the bacon layer. Finish with your lettuce (or basil leaves?) Enjoy but no don’t freeze this one. Ditto for any other fresh ingredients.