Gastro on the Go

It’s moving time here in the Mid-south and as I prepare to head north I’m thinking of food. Of course. I will be packing it in one of those insulated boxes meant to carry beer – uh, make that iced tea – to the beach.

Options I’m considering:

Soy milk mix or a Quart of Almond Breeze, Rice Dream – the fresh stuff won’t last too long if not refrigerated. Skim milk too.
Low fat mozzarella cheese.
Yogurt cartons- smaller is better for sanitation purposes

Crackers I can tolerate.
Canned potatoes
Homemade banana muffins

Peanut butter
A low-fat turkey sandwich, for the first day traveling.
An egg salad sandwich for the second day out.
Canned, packaged tuna
Boiled eggs.

Pureed greens in a jar.
Small cans of carrots
V-8 or similar, cheaper option

Spiru-Tein Unsweetened Original Vanilla
Lotsa ice for cooling.
Lotsa water.

6-8 pack juice in those kid sized cartons.

Stevia or other alternative sweetener.
Something special from the health food store. Asher’s chocolates?
Potato chips. The lunch size bag will cut fat. Calories. Not very healthy but may be a good “I’m-not-deprived” solution.
Some mini chocolate bars

A small whisk.
A table knife.
A sharp paring knife
Can opener
Take a couple of dish towels, at least 1 dish rag, 2 plastic bags, for garbage and/or leftovers.
Small cutting board.
Anti- bacterial dish soap

Oh! I just remembered I want to take a few, cooked shrimp too.

The idea is to eat digestible foods you like, to maintain great sanitation by using fresh proteins first,
cleaning up to prevent cross contamination and plenty of ice, make sure it’s a healthy menu ( vegetables 2-4 times per day, fruit 2-4 servings a day, protein should be 9 oz. per day, Carbs maybe 6 -10 ,15 gram
portions daily and fats, well you need them for sure, but easy does it, no more than 30 grams per day added fat daily excluding that found in proteins. If possible make them healthy fats but I know that’s difficult while traveling. Nut butters are a good option and you might want to splurge
on this pricey pick. Make sure to store your food in the car- the trunk is too hot!

Enjoy the ride.