Oatmeal and

Oatmeal with walnuts and raisins was my normal breakfast before the gastro diets told me I couldn’t eat it – any of it, but I could drink my accompanying glass of milk (8 oz.).

My new trick is too soak 2 T of raisins overnight in ½ c of water. Grind ½ c of oatmeal (dry) in my little coffee bean grinder for food and grind my walnuts (2 T) with the oats. Then pour the raisins’ soaking water into a small pan, add another ½ cup of water to that, bring to a boil, add oat mixture to that and bring to boil again and immediately take off the heat.

Chop the raisins in the coffee-bean grinder and spoon onto finished oatmeal, add your milk (I’ve used soy and almond milks without issue.