Miracle Meal

Oh, I’ve been busy lately. Moving, packing, cleaning. Writing seems like a luxury. And I’m hungry and the money’s disappearing. What to cook that I can actually digest?

This concoction came from what’s left in the fridge. I call it a miracle meal.. It’s quick 15 minutes, tasty, healthy and a little exotic. Invite the moving man to dinner? Oh why not!

I’ll give you the ingredients I used and you can change almost anything you want that suits you.

1 cup milk
2 T Coco Loco (this was way in the back) or use coconut milk or coconut flavoring

2 T dried onions
2 T curry powder
A sprinkling of chili pepper (I used Slap Yo Mama out of Nola’s store in New Orleans)
½ cup peanut butter put all in a saucepan , heat on a very low temp. SLOWLY
Add soy sauce/ Bragg’s Amino Acids to taste (it’s salty tasting)

Cook 4 cups of noodles. Serves 2-4 depending on your appetite. Put the sauce on top.

Tonight I’m throwing in some turkey sausage (try Wall-Mart). Would also work well with chicken, beef
maybe shrimp. – shrimp might be a bit overwhelmed by the sauce above but you could cut back on the spices a bit.

Serving this over well cooked carrots might be a new taste sensation for you and/or your vegetarian friends.

Back to the moving man er van.


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