Blender Buzz

Now that you’ve chosen to have gastroparesis ( couldn’t help myself, lol) you will soon realize that some foods are on the do not eat list because of their texture. Your body may not handle peanuts but peanut butter is okay. (See It makes sense then to reduce particle size for better digestion. You need a blender, a food processor and a coffee bean grinder.

Blenders are fairly plentiful. If you can’t afford state-of-the-art then hit the thrift shops or buy one on Ebay. (These can weigh enough to make your shipping bill very noticeable.) Ditto with food processors.
Coffee grinders, new, cost about $20.00. I recommend one for food and one for coffee beans.

These babies can serve to expand your diet choices. For example some veggies, like tomatoes, can be peeled (cut a small x on the bottom and dip in boiling water, then put them in a blender, with broth and other seasonings or veggies (do peppers the same way) and pulverize.

The coffee grinder is great for small amounts. I use it for making nut butters – peanut, almond, -walnut? Why not? It’s not easy cleaning it, but it’s great for variety. Also you can use it for some pastes – like tapenade, or some pureed red pepper to garnish your pasta, or to jell for a pretty salad, or. Well you get the picture.

Use the blender for liquidy things, like soups, smoothies, or any greens– cooked collards, mustard greens, chard – I throw my spinach in too as I usually find it twiggy. You might want to try any of the vegetables on the do-not-eat list, just peel and cook them first. I’m thinking eggplant. Only eat a half cup serving and see how that goes.

My processor is used for larger amounts with little or no liquid. It’s not that you can’t use it for liquids, it’s just messy. I throw raw veggies in, fresh from the garden, to cook in my veggie soup.

You could make a cream of broccoli soup. (Fresh broccoli, chopped in food processor, or add broccoli to skim milk in your blender, a teaspoon or less of butter per serving and a tbsp. of corn starch, per cup, for thickening. Heat it slowly to a boil but don’t boil it. The operative word here is ‘to’.

Join the buzz today.


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