Jellies and Jollies

Flavoring products for those with gastroparesis and diabetes are somewhat limited. It is easier to flavor drinks with chocolate sauce or cinnamon
than it is to find sugar-free, no-fiber low-fat fillings for many desserts. I like Smuckers selections to add fruit fillings to thumbprint cookies even your children will like. ( You can find a few flavors that aren’t at the local Kroegers, such as Guava and Black Raspberry.

They even have a seedless strawberry jelly which would make a good filling for a jelly roll. I’d jazz it up with a thick vanilla pudding made from scratch or a packaged mix made with 1 1/2 cup milk instead of the usual 2.
Spread it on the flat jelly roll before the jelly, not all the way to end – it spreads as you roll.

You’ll need a jelly roll pan, that’s the ‘cookie sheet’ with the rim around the edges. You might get away with a a 13 x 9 casserole dish, or even a rectangular roasting pan! Prepare your fillings first! A jelly roll made as it is with a sponge cake, doesn’t take long to bake. (10 minutes or less @ 350 degrees). I use a parchment baking sheet to help unmold it later.

Sponge cake recipes abound and some are easier than others. Joy of Cooking recommends a Hot-Milk sponge and you can make this in a multitude of flavors, including chocolate, which is as you may know, the foundation of the infamous Buche de Noel, a Christmas tradition. For those with diabetes try Smucker’s Hot Fudge topping as a frosting substitute. You’ll need to find your own recipes – they’re simple but depend on technique. I recommend making a few small cakes before having a grand presentation. You might be serving scrambled eggs with flour and chocolate topping ! Surprise! You betcha.

Sprinkle powdered diabetic sugar on top. Buy some xylitol at the health food store. Take 1/3 cup and put it in your clean coffee bean grinder.Zap ’til it looks just like…

If you do this right, it can be a stunning centerpiece, but in any case it’ll taste yummy.


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