Gastroparesis and Food Part 2
4th of July
Surviving gastroparesis is not much fun especially since food plays such a major role in our social lives.
Planning for the upcoming 4th of July I was thinking about food not fireworks. That’s just how my mind works. I was wondering if I could eat fresh blueberries if I pureed them with water and let the blender do its thing for 10 minutes. Maybe add a touch of almond extract? Use 2% milk? (Hey it;s a holiday!) but I’ll need to check BG promptly all day. A small price to pay if it actually digests. Other flavorings might work as well. Papaya with orange juice? Water with ice cubes (with food colors of course!) Grape juice with yogurt? Suit yourself.

I’m making potato salad – no skins- tidbits of onion, low fat mayo, boiled eggs. Cut the potatoes in mini-cubes, or if you like mash them with no fat but the mayo, grate the onions and boiled eggs – add mustard to taste. Chill.

Choose a veggie you love, cook it , puree it and/or eat a small serving if it’s high in fiber. You can puree it with water or broth and drink it hot or cold. I’m having asparagus in a can. I’ll add a cup of chicken broth,cold, a packet of plain gelatin and putting it in a small, 1 cup dish. I’ll garnish it with some diced canned tomato. Make more bowls for others or a dish served the next day. You might want to add a tomato rose as a pretty garnish – but don’t eat it!

And chicken. Buy chicken tenders and cook in the microwave in a small bowl with a little Liquid Smoke and BBQ sauce. I find the original or old fashioned varieties usually have much less sugar. Of course you could make your own and sub stevia for the sweetener. Cover the bowl with a plate and you’ll have a mini oven. It takes only a minute or two to microwave 1 3 oz. Serving., a whole chicken thigh, or several will take more time of course..

Have ice milk or yogurt for dessert, maybe a dollop of sugar free strawberry preserves on top. Or a slice of pound cake with reduced butter, or use angel food cake fresh from the store :>)

You can have your holiday food without too much fanfare- put a sparkler on top and a smile on your face.


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