Getting Through Gastoparesis with Food, Part 1

A stomach that is partially or fully paralyzed demands special treatment.
Hints that you have it depends really on how you feel. A little nausea was how it started with me. I ate a lot of saltines in those days. Some people can eat little to nothing without tossing their cookies. They can get by on nutrition drinks without fiber (think health food store Spiro-Tein in dozens of flavors and some without sugar), they may have sugar but that might help you even with diabetes – you’ll probably need those extra calories.

Your aim is to get at least 1200 calories a day, 200 more if you’re a guy.
You can also try drinks like Boost and Glucerna. Read the label. I made the mistake of buying a version of one drink that turned out to have a goodly amount of fiber (4-5 grams). If you have diabetes and are on insulin this doesn’t work well. The insulin gets into your blood faster than the food and you may go so low you pass out.

If you do have diabetes and take insulin, unless your doc is an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes, you may have to ask for a gastroparesis test yourself. Docs aren’t great with this, neither are Certified Diabetes Educators. That’s because this is gastroenterology issue that is interfering with your diabetes. This is the doc that does your colonoscopies and such. Check out the site on www: for some introductory diets.


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