It was fairly easy to determine that blenders, grinders (as in coffee bean…) and food processors and sieves were going to figure prominently in my new life with gastroparesis (delayed stomach emptying). I found minimizing the size of food particles helps me to digest them.

I learned early on that liquifying or nearly doing so might save me from a life laden with nothing but salt-laden V-8 juices if I ever wanted to eat healthy food again. Sure, vegetables and fruits have fiber but that really depends on how much fiber you can tolerate, how much will still allow your food to digest?

For me at a nearly normal (stage 3, on the site) I’ve found I can tolerate around 12 grams per day. I spread it out through the day. I’m speaking about insoluble fiber like seeds, not those that are more easily digested, which are also included in most fruits and veggies. My Certified Diabetes Educator told me that’s a lot. She has patients on all liquid diets and no fiber but my perspective says you’ll never know until you try.

I by, and adjust. Eat canned spinach. No? puree? No. puree and strained through a sieve? You’ll soon find out what you can handle. (But be sure to try during waking hours, in small [1/2 cup servings] and check your BG 2 hours postprandial to see what’s going on. Take the amount of insulin needed for the veggie’s too. Then if your BG is 125 instead of your usual 195, you’ll know the fiber is too much.)

Give it a whirl!


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