Signs and Symptoms

Sleepy day. I just woke from my nap and am ready for another. Frankly I blame all my gastro parties with the paramedics. Multiple ER visits. This recent blooming cold sore on my lip. I’m exhausted, and it shows. Whether it’s final exams, a year of broken bones, or a wedding, I have this marker when it’s through. I break out with cold sores. What does your body do?

Gastroparesis is a condition that can drain you, just like diabetes can.

When your insulin gets into your bloodstream faster than your food can, you may pass out if the food is delayed too long. If you have or suspect gastro
there are 3 things to remember
1. Gastroparesis is best handled by a Gerontologist, as it’s a digestive problem, so not your regular doctor or even your Certified Diabetes Educator. The doc who does your colonoscopy is the one to see. An endocrinologist is my number 1 recommendation for those with diabetes- they specialize in the intricacies of diabetes of which gastroparesis is a part.
2. This is most likely the premier cause of the”dead in bed” syndrome when your blood sugar goes way too low while sleeping. It’s serious.
3. The symptoms of gastroparesis vary a lot – you may be passing out for no discernible reason, feel nauseous, constipated or otherwise feeling your digestive system isn’t ‘right’. Don’t mess around. Go get help.


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