Gastroparesis Exercises ala Bernstein

Blue skies, 70 degrees, what a wonderful morning to walk to the Community Garden, a short block away. This is bliss and it’s also good exercise. Exercise is good for gastroparesis, it gets the body moving.

Dr. Bernstein, the famous doctor who writes about diabetes encourages those with gastro to specifically do abdominal exercises, such as the yoga distension and retraction of the abdominal muscles.
. inhale slowly extend chest area AND stomach area
. exhale rapidly and contract muscles to spine
. repeat – Do as many as you can after eating until you reach 100 in 4 minutes. BUT start slowly then progress in movement and moments.

Another trick is to chew gum after meals. Bernstein recommends chewing for up to 1 1/2 hours.

There’s another exercise he calls the flip-back, you arch backwards and then flip forward. Haven’t tried this yet. It falls into my old ‘can’t hurt, might help’ category.

All of these are worth trying.


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