Gastro and Hypoglycemia Unawareness

Gastroparesis coupled with Hypoglycemia Unawareness is a lousy combination,but not uncommon for those with long term diabetes. If the nerves in your stomach are damaged for whatever reason, Your Vagus nerve may not function to facilitate digestion, (surgery, long term diabetes )digestion and you do not feel the hypo coming on, get a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System ASAP.

The CGMS can help you avoid passing out, at least while you’re conscious, it can alarm you when you’re sleeping so you can avoid the ‘dead in bed’ finality. The CGMS is critical but my insurance won’t cover it- yet. Medicare.

I am asking for more strips from my Medicare Advantage Plan. These wheels are moving soooo slowly, rage occasionally develops within me. I explain it is to our mutual advantage to prevent me from visiting the ER multiple times. I doubt that they’re interested if I’m at death’s door but I’m sure they’d like to save a few thousand. (I always present the worst case scenario as it is not so likely to happen, but it does happen (death and brain damage) and I want my Medicare Advantage Plan to know that.) Its nothing personal if you do die, just business. And friends wonder why I’m upset. Remember that the more often we mention it, write our insurance companies, or blog about it – the sooner we get the devices we need.

I’ve also purchased extra strips at lower prices online. I found Accu-Check, my meter strips, at with strips about $20.00 less than the drugstore. Check for your brand. Be sure to check the expiration date. Some have complained that it may be only a few weeks from delivery date. I haven’t had this problem but its good to know.


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