Every Day Diabetes Heroes

There are a world of diabetes heroes out there, more every day, as people like you and me survive year after year. Detours aside the early days of diabetes, say St. Luke’s alleged patients, fasted until death. And it probably was extant before that. Few survived. We waited another 1900 years before insulin. Jeez Louise!

Most people today don’t think of diabetes as a death sentence- well maybe after their first year they don’t. The Diabetes family, with all its types, have siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and has wandered down to the present. Our heritage. Our roots.

Heroes do include doctors, nurses, CDEs, plus all the moms and dads who go out of their way to help us feel better : Get up in the middle of the night to check on us. And as magazines inform us there’s no shortage of world travelers, rock stars, and actors to wow us with their refusal to let diabetes get in their way. I’d list them all and thank them personally, but I’d be afraid I’d leave some one out!

Every friend who encourages us to make the right choice is a hero in my book. They’ll pause the video while I go check my BG, or tell me my pump just pinged while I’m enthusiastically relating last night’s rendezvous with destiny.

Heroes are everywhere if you’ll just notice. They admire, inspire even fire you if you can’t keep up with your own self-designed protocol. I say bless them all – every day.Did I mention cats and dogs? Faithful friends. And all who support you online?

It’s an endless list and I’m grateful.


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