If you don’t have Diabetes, Read This…

To all my friends and family, there are a couple of things you should know like the term Diabetes is a last name and there are many types of diabetes that function as siblings. And almost every person with diabetes has their own plan.  What you read about is usually modified by each and every person.

There are Type 1s, Type 1.5s, Type 2 (the most common)  Type 3s and some say Type 4’s.  Plus gestational. Stay tuned. Different types are treated differently.  Most doctors adjust your treatment to your lifestyle. (Mine might be a chocolate bar once a week. 🙂

I differ from others with diabetes in taking my insulin after meals ,as I have gastroparesis (stomach paralyzed due to long-term diabetes, with years of high blood sugar).  I’m on a low fiber diet.  I don’t eat what others can.

If an article recommends to take your insulin 1/2 hour before eating, this is different and dangerous for me.  I can also eat sugar (small amounts) because today’s labeling tells just how much sugar is in that frozen yogurt and I can tell my pump to deliver the exact amount of insulin to cover it.  Too many worry about their loved ones being ‘non-compliant’, a word associated with doing what you damn well please, or for short a ‘bad diabetic’.

Unless you can present it tactfully (“I read this article that said you’re supposed to … how does that work for you?”), if you’re not a medical professional (and some orthopedic surgeons , chiropractors, podiatrists and other specific  specialties can be totally clueless,) well, keep your mouth shut.



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