I do not know how high my blood sugar really was for years , despite my Glucose meter but I do know that when I got my pump 14 years ago my HA1c was over 11.  My fantasy device would be a tubeless one, implanted ,that showed via electronics what it was doing on your BG reading on your ingested carbohydrates, fiber and fats – BG readouts and automatic insulin dosing.  My device would be a practical one.  And of course Medicare would pay for it.

When computers came into focus 30 years after  my diagnosis, I found there  were others like me  –   today they run into the thousands –   (like the Insulin Pumpers Website -ip@Insulin-pumpers.org)  with branches in other countries.  They discuss every new device on the market and those that will be , My device could be programmed, by you, alert you when you’ve eaten more carbs than you actually need, thus making it easier to program your weight loss or fiber intake, or fat consumption.  It would alert you after you’ve eaten a bag of potato chips that you’ve eaten your fat allotment  for the next 3 days. AND it would have your choice of alarms  with your voice if desired,  such as “Hey mama, pay attention here.” or “It’s that time again.” or whatever you want it to say.  I like the idea.  You could add anything else too. “Take your meds now.”  or Dr.’s appointment at 9:30 am on May 18th.”  How ’bout – “Congratulations, you were right on target today!”


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