Tracking Everything

My CDE asked for my records but no, I didn’t have any.  My BG meter tracks 400 entries.  My pump shows all of my insulin boluses, plus carbs, times, etc.  What do I need to track?  Lotsa things.  Food for one. Changes in basal rates, sensitivity levels, illness (physical and mental) all need to be tracked.

Food, beyond carbs can give your CDE clues to why your BG is dropping so suddenly after meals that you may pass out cold .  For me it was gastroparesis (stomach nerves dysfunctional after years ‘n’ years of Type 1. [48])  A simple log showing my penchant for high fiber foods, would have shown her why my insulin was getting to me before my food.  High fat diets do the same – they slow digestion in an already slow digestive system. My goal is to find the easiest tracking system. I’m thinking about writing down common food combinations in my diet

Basal rates?  Well, they change everything. You can hope your CDE has your last rates, but it’s easier to write them down.  My plan is to get a booklet for the year and write them down.

Sensitivity levels need to be tracked for the same reasons.  They can change over the years with age and length of diabetes and any of your adjustments need to be shared with your CDE and/or your doctor.

Physical illness or injury need to be tracked as they may increase your daily insulin rates, or in the case of gastroparesis, you may lower it. Depression of course can run hand in hand with diabetes and can indicate that your diabetes is not well controlled, which can lead to other diagnoses. Like, yeah you guessed it, gastroparesis.

Write it down or track online or speak into a little microphone.


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