Have You Met Kelly Booth?

One of my biggest delights was stumbling across Kelly Booth’s Blog., Trials and Tribulations  (of Type 1 Diabetes) when I was tracking Gastroparesis information – there’s a dearth of information on that (that means ‘not much’ and reminds me of Darth Vader – you know that’s not a good thing.)  Kellty’s blog site is sparkling with links to many (all?) websites + concerning diabetes, including one that had gastro diets on it. (I knew I was going to be pick ‘n’ axing it  onlinewhen I discovered gastroparesis is not in my spell check.)

I found the diets (different stages), followed them and went to nearly normal BGs from passing out stone cold on my cement floor, in my bed and once in my yoga class.  This has been a nightmare for 6 months and finally I stopped driving altogether.

My problem seems to be too much fiber.  Too much?  But true to the allowed foods in all stages of that diet, everything it said to avoid, you betcha, I was eating it. A lot of high fiber food to improve my digestion and elimination – seeds nuts, raw veggies and fruits (ala Swayze Fostor)  popcorn, beans – it was a veritable feast of healthy food. I cut back on all of it and  also ‘fats’ – usually olive oil, nuts, avocados, and whipped cream (occasionally).  I feel better.   I’m driving – yippee!  All this from a blog.


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